Providing for loved ones if an unexpected critical illness or death occurs in your family could ease the pressure at a very distressing time for you, as the last thing you want to be worrying about is money.

Give your family peace of mind with an appropriate protection insurance plan that can provide money for you and your family if the worst happens. There are lots of protection options available and we can help you to identify which is the most suitable for you, depending on your circumstances and budget.

Some of the most popular plans are listed below:

Term Assurance (Life cover)

Term Assurance pays out a capital sum on death within a specified period and the level of cover can be fixed from the start, although some plans will allow increases.

Critical Illness Cover (Major Ailments)

Critical Illness pays out a lump sum in the event of a serious illness in order to help you cope with costs and loss of earnings. The list of cover is extensive but may not cover every eventuality so it’s important to discuss and understand which illnesses are covered.

Mortgage Protection Cover

Mortgage Protection repays your mortgage in the event of your death so that your family doesn’t have to worry about losing the family home at such a stressful time. It can include Critical Illness cover if required at an extra cost.

Family Income Benefit (Pays an Income every month)

Family Income Benefit provides a regular income for a specified period. It is often used to provide financial security until your children have left home. Protection can be for Life or Critical Illness cover or both.

Income Protection Cover

Income Protection provides a regular income if you can’t work due to a serious illness or injury it pays to a specified time or when you return to work if that is sooner.

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance helps you to see a specialist consultant immediately if you become ill and can help if you need treatment and want to avoid long NHS waiting lists.